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As a videographer or being a contributor within a production company, the post-production process is without a doubt the most tedious and time-consuming. This valuable time could have you working on other projects and earning more revenue, however, there are ways and means to speed up your editing workflow and here are some golden tips on how to do exactly that:

  • Use The Right Hardware - If you're still editing on a 10-year-old base-model iMac, then you're simply and quite literally wasting your time. Get those upgrades and speed up your editing workflow.
  • SSD Drives - Invest in solid-state hard drives. SSD drives speed up your computer and programs drastically.
  • Shoot to edit - Always have a plan before you set off and shoot, you don't want to filter through hundreds of random clips to try and make sense of during your post-production time.
  • Keep an asset library - Keep a folder on your computer that contains all different types of assets such as overlays, LUTs and scores.
  • Remove distractions - Turn your social media notifications off while you're editing to help you not get distracted unnecessarily.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Parker Walbeck on 10 Tips To Edit 10x Faster In Adobe Premiere Pro...10x Faster In Adobe Premiere Pro...

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