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Tokyo releases transparent public bathrooms that have a good reason for being "revealing".

Public bathrooms and portable cubicles have always been a nasty business, both for hygiene and safety, but innovative inventors in Tokyo have designed a revolutionary public bathroom that is transparent.

Now, the thought of a transparent public bathroom will come across as a joke for most people, and obviously will never work as standardised public bathroom design, but it has a good reason to be.

Tokyo designers created a public bathroom that is transparent. However, when someone wants to use it, they can flip a switch and the transparent walls become opaque, offering full privacy. But, you might wonder, what's the purpose of having it transform?

There are two main reasons for this; The first is a phycological concept that, if one has bad hygiene habits and makes a complete mess of the toilet, once they exit, their disrespect would be seen thus making them think twice about leaving the bathroom in that state. The second reason is for security purposes, there have been numerous reports of criminals hiding in public bathrooms waiting for their next victim. If the bathroom is transparent, then it solves that problem, and if you wondering then why the criminal wouldn't just keep the bathroom walls opaque, the answer is then it suggests that the bathroom is occupied.

These transparent public bathrooms are increasing in popularity at an exponential rate, so perhaps we can expect transparent bathrooms to become the norm in many other countries in the near future.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on Tokyo releases transparent public bathrooms.

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