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Here are 20 remarkable unexpected myths confirmed by the Mythbusters.

Over the years, the popular science show, Mythbusters, has debunked and confirmed myths in all areas of science and history! But, along the way, they have stumbled upon some unexpected myth confirmations and here they are!

1: Cheese works as a replacement projectile in cannons.

2: Taking right-handed turns is more fuel-efficient than left-hand turns.

3: Modern cars can run on Moonshine.

4: A bedsheet can fool a motion detection sensor.

5: A human voice can shatter glass.

6: You can slap sense into someone.

7: A lava lamp can kill a person.

8: The exhaust of a 747 can flip a school bus.

9: Overusing bug bombs can cause an explosion.

10: A tree can be cut down with a Minigun.

11: Water can slow a bullet to non-lethal speeds.

12: A standard vacuum cleaner can lift a car.

13: Superglue can stick furniture to the ceiling.

14: Cursing helps with pain.

15: A car can skip over water.

16: Jack, from the movie Titanic, could have been saved.

17: Axes are better than guns in a zombie apocalypse.

18: A rock kicked up by a lawnmower is as lethal as a bullet.

19: You can stick your hand in molten lead and be okay.

20: A faulty water heater can shoot through the roof.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, WatchMojo.com, on the Top 20 Unexpected Myths Confirmed On Mythbusters.

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