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Woody from Toy Story almost killed off Pixar studios, and forever changed the way the animators told stories.

Back in 1993, Pixar studios was nothing like it is today. They had a contract with Disney to come up with a concept for a new animated kids film that Pixar insisted they would create on their new and innovative digital platform, with the use of Steve Jobs' NeXT computers – the most powerful at the time for digital animation.

The storyboard was presented to Disney on black Friday 1993, and was a total disaster largely due to how Woodly was portrayed. "Black Friday" Woody was originally written to be the villain of the story, but it was completely overdone. Having a villain in an animated kids film was nothing new, but it was the extent of Woody's dark side that shocked Disney. Without abandoning the project completely, Disney gave Pixar a week extension to rewrite the entire script.

From that moment onward, Pixar never included a villain in any of the stories ever again, but rather created characters that viewers could relate to on an emotional level which could be subtly depicted as either positive or negative in the storyline. For example, Darla in Finding Nemo was just a spoilt kid who loved fish but wasn't necessarily a villain, and the same goes for something like the street racers in Pixar's Cars.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Nerdsalgic, on The Terrible Version Of Woody That Almost Destroid Pixar.

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