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Take a look at these incredible instant translation earphones! But, how well do they work?

A Chinese startup tech company called Timekettle, has developed a wireless earphone system that will instantly translate one language to another to help people communicate on the go. Their first-generation product goes under the name WT2 Plus, but is far from ready to be mass-produced as the WT2 is still a prototype.

How the system works is that a user will have a master unit and a slave unit which will be connected to a smartphone via an app. Then, once synchronised, the slave unit will be passed to the person you want to communicate with. While using the translation app, you can have a back-and-forth conversation while the app instantly translates the dialogue for you.

The only problem we find with this system is that the concept already exists in a stand-alone mobile app, which renders the set of earphones rather useless. And who would want to use a set of earphones from a stranger?

In saying that, the WT2 does tickle our imagination a bit, as all that is needed to perfect this system is clever software. And maybe some wet-wipes to keep them clean. With wireless earphones taking over the market, think Samsung's EarBuds and Apple's AirPods, in theory, you should be able to instantly connect with someone else's device within close proximity, and simply converse while the translation software does everything else for you.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, on Instant Translation – Right In Your Ears.

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