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How close is too close regarding TV viewing distance?

There is a common misconception that has no scientific evidence to back it up. Some people say that watching TV far too close will damage your eyes, or furthermore if there is a light in the room, it must be on or off when watching TV. This, however, is simply not true.

But there is a more important factor that comes into play around the same topic, and that is comfortable viewing distance. There are so many TV's on the market today that come in all different shapes and sizes, and each manufacturer is trying to produce the biggest and best TV possible, and the consumer believes that bigger is always better!

But the bigger the TV the greater the viewing distance usually needs to be so, in theory, a bigger TV needs a larger the room to accommodate, but there is never a recommendation on just how far you need to view from. YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, tackled this head-on and created a practical experiment to find out!

Take a look at their tech experiment video down below titled, TV viewing distance – how close is too close?

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