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Twitter has never really been very accommodating to more intricate posts that include images and videos and long bodies of text, however, if they want to stay in the game they have to get more creative and in the latest news, they have now made a few adjustments to their user experience by allowing for full-size image previews.

Twitter allows for image and video posts, however, once images are posted, users have to physically click on the post in order to view them in full size and this can be largely frustrating to both the user and to the content creator as the cropping of the preview may not be sufficient enough to grab attention.

So like Instagram does with their image post previews, Twitter will now accommodate full-size image previews so users can see the entire post whilst simply scrolling their Twitter feeds.

This will make the overall look of Twitter far better and rich with relevant content posts.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Twitter Allows Full-Size Images...

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