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Like in many hobbies, in the world of RC flying, you get many niches. You get some who take realism very seriously and build models to resemble the real thing as accurately as possible. In turn, their flying style takes a similar approach. Then, you get the guys who enjoy flying custom RC models competitively, and even recreate real-world reenactments with their craft.

But in the world of 3D flying, it's all about skill and control, being able to keep your eye on your model as it zips through the air in a fraction of a second. Furthermore, 3D choppers are usually fitted with a system called variable pitch. This allows the choppers props to swivel to create both lift and negative lift, which allows them to fly and be controlled upside down.

But, when you're flying upside down and towards yourself, you have to respect the pilot. Each time they perform this manoeuvre, their controls are reversed and inverted, and ensuring the model doesn't crash takes ultimate skill!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, RCHeliJet, on TAREQ ALSAADI GOBLIN KRAKEN 3D RC HELICOPTER SWISS HELI CHALLENGE 2019...

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