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As if a stunning underwater adventure with mesmerizing visuals and captivating sea life weren't enough, you can now chat your way through it. The SeaVoice FRS-radio headset is designed for use in all sorts of underwater experiences including scuba diving, snorkelling, or various types of water sports. 

The design utilizes bone-conduct technology paired with laringphones (throat microphones) to transmit and receive speech, even in high-noise environments. It is lightweight and completely waterproof and shock resistant, its integrated mic, speaker, sensors, antenna and battery are safe for use even at low depths. It revolutionizes group dives and other activities with synced communication while enhancing safety and awareness. 

Standard micro-USB connectors allow almost any external portable energy-bank for charging or prolonged use of the radio. 

Have a look at the gallery of images above to see the design of the SeaVoice in full. 


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