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3D-printing is a revolution, and with this new design, it is a game changer for global poverty and architecture. The construction process is simple, the structure is sturdy and the home can be executed for a fraction of the going rate, in a fraction of the time.

While many of the other 3D-homes that exist, there are just none that include such a clear advantage as this one for social-work. Printed with cement by a Vulcan printer, the shelter can be printed for $10,000 in as little time as 12 hours, but it is projected to soon cost as little as $4,000. This idea has the potential to supercharge the production of affordable housing in areas of dire poverty that can't produce shelters fast enough.

This project is a shared undertaking, combining the efforts of Icon – an innovative building solutions firm – and non-profit organisation, New Story, which specialises in global housing issues. The first official prototype has just been constructed in Austin, Texas on March 12, 2018. Jason Ballad, who is one of the co-founders of Icon, will inhabit it temporarily to work out the kinks, gauging an impression before homes are printed in various programs of New Story.

The project will start in El Salvador, then hopefully follow in Belize and Haiti. Not only is this a big win in the battle against homelessness and poverty, it is also a noteworthy step in the world of architecture. While not the first 3D-printed house design, it once again marks the progressive trend toward the future of construction – a future where 3D-printing and other non-human building methods are becoming more viable.

Check out the video below.

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