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Adidas originals have created a special take on the classic ‘München’ sneaker; introducing the Oktoberfest 2017 Adidas show. 

The newly released ‘pröst’ boasts a couple of unique features; most notably its high-quality leather is coated in DBPR, ensuring that the shoes are both beer and puke resistant (hell yeah), which will undoubtedly come in handy while attending the world’s largest beer festival. 

The Adidas ‘pröst’ sneakers are influenced by Bavaria's framed lederhosen leather pants, taking design cues from their functionality and tough leather construction. These limited edition Adidas ‘München’ is also lined with red and white micro-checked inspired by the Oktoberfest's tablecloths, while a custom inscription above the classic three-stripes reads ‘pröst’ in gold lettering, translating to ‘cheers’ in German. 

Lace them up, raise your glasses, and remember to enjoy the video responsibly — or not, cause the Adidas original ‘München’ sneaker have you covered. 

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