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The manufacturer of high-end cameras RED has announced that they will be releasing a new smartphone in 2018. Given the name Hydrogen One, the smartphone will run on Android and has a 5.7-inch "hydrogen holographic display". 

According to RED, the display uses nanotechnology to seamlessly switch between displaying regular 2D content, holographic RED Hydrogen 4 - View content (H4V) and stereo 3D content. The firm also says that users will be able to view virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality content without glasses. 

At the moment all RED has revealed regarding the concept-model is an unnamed attachment that will allow users to shoot higher quality video and still images. The user will be able to use the smartphone as an interface and monitor for the RED Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon cameras. 

For something this extreme, the RED Hydrogen One does not come cheap. An aluminium version will retail for $1,195 and a titanium version for $1,595 though these prices are subjected to change. Check out the video to see why you should consider buying one!! The RED Hydrogen One is expected to go on sale early next year and you can head over to their website to order your own right now!!

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