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Robotic modelling assistant (RoMA) combines an augmented reality headset and two controllers, allowing users to build a 3D model using a computer-aided design (CAD) program. A video demonstrating the system shows a robotic arm constructing a skeletal model using a simple plastic depositing 3D printer mounted on his hand.

RoMA joint project from MIT and Cornell University hopes to provide a fast, precise, hands-on and in-situ modelling experience, improving the prototype phase of production. The arm is programmed to act according to the designer's action which may include rotating the platform on which the 3D model is being printed. The robotic arm moves away from the user automatically and if the user takes a step back, the fabricator finishes the job independently.

"With RoMA, users can integrate real-world constraints into a design rapidly, allowing them to create well-proportioned tangible artefacts," according to team leader, Huaishu Peng. "Users can even directly design on and around an existing object, and extending the artefact by in-situ fabrication."

You will be able to see the 3D printing in augmented reality in action in the video below.

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