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Date: 2018-01-16

Video: Electric Dreams Is Your Next Binge Watch Series 2

Video: Electric Dreams Is Your Next Binge Watch Series 3

Video: Electric Dreams Is Your Next Binge Watch Series 4

Black Mirror took us to a high-tech dystopian world, with some twisted sci-fi and fantasy anthologies thriving in the world of short fiction.

In 2017 Phillip K. Dick adapted 10 short stories into the anthology series called Electric Dreams; a beautiful portrait of worlds beyond our own with a thrumming thread of humanity.

Now available to stream on Amazon Prime, Phillip K. Dick's Electric Dreams present 10 fully-realised worlds which depart in different measures from our own reality, but all of which centre around the concept of dreams. What do our dreams say about who we are? Can anything live up to our dreams? What do we make of a dream that feels more real than life itself?

All this is what separates Electric Dreams from the de-facto comparison to Black Mirror. Dreams are far more nebulous than technology, and therefore forgivably pliant in how the show uses them. It is easier to accept the idiosyncrasies of human nature for inconsistency than uninvented technology such as a Deus ex-machine.

Each episode stands alone, so you do not have to stress about learning the rules of each universe, like, well, some other shows (sorry not sorry). Viewers can pick-up on the basics; this community exists outside our being. Electric Dreams is set in the future, another episode in space, etc. It is more imperative at any given moment to keep track of the protagonist you spend the hour with.

The shows promo image and marketing make it seem far more phantasmagorical than the reality. This isn't a show with a sprawling mythology or characters you might need to start storing in a file. If you choose to analyse the stories further, you'll find plenty to dissect – and a mesmerising binge ahead.

Watch the promo video for Electric Dreams below.

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