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The first time you see the GameSir G5, you can't help but ask "What kind of controller is that?" Sure it has a joystick, a D-pad, and some buttons, but it is not like anything you've ever seen before. That is because it is a speciality gamepad aimed at a very specific subset of gamers.

The GameSir G5 is designed for MOBA – mobile multiplayer online battle arena – players. The gamepad gives you an easier way to control the game when you are playing on a tiny smartphone screen, all while customizing the layout to facilitate maximum efficiency during play. Using this gaming-gadget should give you a massive leg up in the game, as to the virtual controls onscreen.

Feature an analogue stick and a D-pad on the left side, the GameSir G5 is similar to most modern gamepads. Along with four shoulder triggers for single press access to various actions. The full-haptic trackpad boasts precise finger input detection, so you can tap, swipe and drag just as easily as you would on the actual touchscreen. The trackpad will simplify casting spells on MOBA games immensely, while also facilitating complete control of the camera when playing an FPS title. All eight the buttons surrounding the trackpad are easily programmable, allowing it to serve as custom hotkeys for different situations.

The GameSir G5 uses mechanical triggers on the shoulder and back to ensure a very low button resistance, so you can perform actions without straining your fingers. They are programmable, so you can assign them to your most commonly-used actions to make it even easier to bring them up.

The gadget can hold your smartphone at any angle between 110 and 150 degrees. Just to round things off, it uses Bluetooth 5.0, which is two times faster than the previous standard, while also having four times greater range.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the GameSir G5, and you can see the device in action below.

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