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Gyrotourbillon is one of the most innovative multi-axis gyroscopes ever produced. The gadget is invented by Jaeger-LeCoultre and is an exclusive design to the brand. It shows a revolving sphere inside which features a two-axis tourbillon escapement, connected to the movement by a gear train or ball bearing, and is a light structure made from aluminium. 

The three existing evolutions of the Gyrotoubillon contains a different hairspring, one is a flat design, the second is cylindrical and the third is spherical. The construction brought forward a new movement for Gyrotoubillion giving it a higher level of precision. The most important are the first iteration that was launched 13 years ago, in 2004. At that time the multi-axis tourbillons had never been designed as this one was and Jaeger-LeCoultre was among the first to allow the manufacturer to introduce such a creative piece. It is composed of two carriages, respectively rotating in one minute and 24 seconds – meaning 2.5 times a minute – and does not owe its existence exclusively to the inventiveness of the engineers and watchmakers of the manufacture, but also to the use of cutting-edge equipment such as the five-axis machining centre.

Have a look at the very interesting video below for more info and catch a glimpse of the watch-making process too. It's quite incredible!

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