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Cameras. They can be old, new, vintage or cutting edge. Bulky or sleek but generally awe-inspiring. Introducing the old school Lomography Fisheye Baby camera, (which is a bit odd saying that it is adorable for a camera, but just look at it...)

With it incredibly toyish proportions and even the colours, the Fisheye Baby is cute and embodies everything that is fun about photography. The Fisheye Baby will literally fit in the palm of your hand, it is small enough to come out of a cereal box, but behind its playful exterior is Lomography's expertise.

The lens of the fisheye camera is 170º and the camera itself clicks some seriously good pictures on 110mm film, with absolutely vibrant colours that your phone can never match. In fact, the Fisheye baby even takes multiple exposure shots and has a PC flash connector.

With its wide depth of field, the Fisheye Baby will give you even closer shots than any other Fisheye Lomography camera. It is a fun camera to play around with and capture those unforgettable memories.


Introducing the Lomography Fisheye Baby 110 Bauhaus from Lomography on Vimeo.

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