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The day has finally arrived for all the South African iPhone fans out there to finally pre-order their iPhone X. Basically, it is a nice way of saying that the iPhone X – which is now available for pre-order – will set you back R20,500. That is the price for the entry-level iPhone X, with extra storage settings buyers will be set back R24,000.

Which, unless we are mistaken, makes the iPhone X the most expensive smartphone on the South African market. SO, the main question is... will it still sell? (We are pretty sure it will.)

The iPhone X will be available form the iStore “…from the week of 24 November”. iStore CEO Chris Dodd said, “For more than a decade, iPhone has been revolutionising the mobile phone industry. In celebration of both the launch of the new generation and of 10 years of iPhone, as the home of iPhone and everything else Apple, we are thrilled to offer a screen repair cover and extended warranty exclusive to iStore customers”. So there’s that, too.

If you are considering pre-ordering an iPhone X, you can have a look at the video walkthrough below to see some kick-ass Tips and Tricks.


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