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All iPhone X owners, listen up, Snapchat has finally made some good on its promise to make its augmented reality selfie lenses better. The company has officially launched a new lineup of lenses that's been optimised for the iPhone X's front-facing TrueDepth camera.

The iPhone X was previewed last fall, and Snap has specially designed the lenses to take advantage of the face-tracking abilities of the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera. So to all the selfie-obsessed Snapchat users, this means the new lenses will be better able to "stick" to your face, making them look slightly more realistic, or as 'realistic' as a brightly coloured mask can look.

Lenses will also be able to dynamically change based on the lighting around you (you may see shadows, to give you an idea) and lenses that have background elements will also look better.

Notably, not all of the Snapchat lenses are iPhone X ready, the company, however, is starting with three new lenses (two of which you can see in the image gallery) and says it plans to add even more in the future.

Sadly, there's no way for iPhone X owners to tell which lenses are iPhone X-optimised and which are the normal ones just by looking at the carousel. But if the new lenses are as good as Snap claims it to be, it should be obvious once you start trying them out.

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