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Turns out Nissan decided to take a pause from building cars so they can give the world its very first self-parking slippers. The company took a small chunk of its automated vehicle smarts and applied it to a traditional Japanese hotel experience. The end results are a bit silly, but still very clever at the same time.

These self-driving slippers are Nissan's playful way of promoting its autonomous driving technology, known as the ProPILOT park. Each slipper comes equipped with two tiny wheels, a little motor and sensor to 'drive' in a technological fashion, similar to the Nissan LEAF vehicle.

At the Japanese hotel, which Nissan calls the ProPilot Park Ryokan, everything from the guest slippers to the floor pillows have interesting tricks up their sleeves. The slippers start off neatly in the lobby and when the guests are done with it, they automatically return to their starting place.

As for the floor cushions and tables in the guest room, they are also equipped with the same technology, as well as the TV remote – so guess what, you will never misplace it. Each one of these gadgets knows where it belongs and will return to its original position. It seems the autonomous system works so well in Nissan's cars, they just had to try it out with other things.

Check it out in the video below!

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