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Nvidia a is name long recognized by gamers, but its GPUs do not just help up the resolution and keep the frames ticking over on the latest AAA titles. With the new Titan V, the company is targeting scientists and researchers with what it boasts is the world's most powerful GPU ever created for PCs.

Promising to turn a PC into an AI supercomputer, the Titan V is built on Nvidia's Volt GPU architecture and has nine times the raw horsepower of its predecessor. It's 21.1 billion transistors and new Tensor Cores are specifically designed for deep learning, delivering 110 teraflops, the GPU is designed to tackle the toughest computation processing for scientific simulations.
The Volta architecture is built to handle the workloads better, featuring a mix of computation and addressing calculations thanks to the independent parallel integer and floating-point data path.
By combining the L1 data and shared memory unit should improve performance while also simplifying programming.

Despite the boost in processing power, Nvidia says that Titan V offers energy efficiency double that of the previous generation Pascal design. This comes courtesy of a major redesign of the streaming multiprocessor at the centre of the GPU, which should deliver a boost in performance within the same power envelope of its predecessor, the Titan XP.

The following video introduces the Titan V.

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