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Philips has launched SmartSleep, the world's first "clinically proven wearable solution to improve deep sleep quality". This new tech from Philips aims to mess with your sleep in order to help you feel less tired.

The SmartSleep was designed following over 2.6 billion nights of sleep data collected by Philips. "Nearly 40% of people ages 25-54 get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, which is reported to result in difficult concentration, memory, and focus," said Philips.

The Philips SmartSleep was announced at CES 2018 and does not just give you a stat on how well you sleep, but instead wants to change your sleeping pattern in order to improve your deep sleep quality. Thanks to two small sensors that detect periods of slow wave sleep and intervene with technology to boost it in real time, the SmartSleep will help users sleep better.

"Philips’ proprietary advanced sleep analysis algorithms produce customised audio tones that enhance the depth and duration of slow wave sleep."

"An accompanying app logs sleep improvement over time and provides tips and advice on how to get the best possible night’s sleep."

It is a headset that you wear to bed, the gadget is not particularly good to look at, so you won't want to wear this in public. It's still unclear how the device will "intervene" with your sleeping pattern, and so far pricing and launch information has not yet been announced. We will be sure to share more details when we hear more from the company on this strange new sleeping tool.

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