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Yes, sushi teleportation is a thing. Digital food platform 'Open Meals' boosted their ability to 3D-print food whilst revealing some nifty appetite appeasing technology at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival this weekend.

How on Earth do you ask? Well, Open Meals has created a 'pixel food printer' that 3D prints edible pixels. The tech links up to a 'Food Base' which works like a digital database for all sorts of different foods. The mission is to allow people to search, download and upload food data.

The patent-pending 'Food Base' works by connecting to the pixel food printer, a custom-built robotic arm that prints out pixel cubes made from a type of edible gel. It works by injecting each pixel with different flavours, colours and nutrients, etc. All this is then fitted together to create the pixelated 8-bit version of real food.

A four-point manifesto on the company's website references ideas of food expansion. This means enjoying the food you would like, whenever you want it. Open meals could prove revolutionary for astronauts and the space diet or give a cooking show chef the ability to transport dishes straight into people's living rooms.

Have a look at the video below to learn more about the open meals.

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