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Let's take a look at what's happening here. A strong magnet set in the open slot between sides of the wheel attracts an iron ball. The magnet is supposed to draw the ball to one side of the centre to make the wheel permanently unbalanced. The concept of the perpetual wheel was patented back in 1823 (a fact of the day).

The invention is fully described in the book Mechanical Appliances and Novelties of Construction, published in 1927 by Gardner D. Hiscox, Mechanical Engineer, and Norman W. Henley. The engine described in the video below is of, relatively speaking, a simple design. 

It is important to note that the static potential energy of the magnetic force is converted into pure kinetic energy.

Technically, an ideal perpetual motion machine should have 0% efficiency since it has to use 100% of its energy to keep itself running. So, imagine an engine that can only work while left alone, without doing work to anything else… Would you say it’s very efficient? For those who think free energy is impossible to get, you’re wrong! 

Ok, you can’t get nothing from nothing (basics of physics), but the fact is there is not “nothing”. Each object on our planet Earth is affected by one force: gravity! It makes one wonder why this hasn't been utilised on a larger scale to generate electricity to power our cities.

Have a look at the magnet perpetual wheel in action!


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