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Tables are one of the oldest inventions around - people have probably been using them before the existence of things! However, has it ever occurred to you that this well known and frequently used object can be used for more than just a place to put your cup of coffee? 

Introducing Mellow, the Bluetooth speaker power bank table - created by Team Creatio. As the company describes it, Mellow is "the only speaker table you will ever want". 

The design of this gadget is probably the best part because, despite its extra features, it's a pretty good-looking table! It's a polished wood table with beech legs and the sides are wrapped in a grey fabric that complements the look nicely. 

But Mellow doesn't just serve as a table. It has Bluetooth speaker, a 3.5mm headphone jack built in, and a pair of hidden USB ports on the back to recharges your other devices. 

In addition, Mellow contains an internal battery - allowing the table to be portable and not attached to the wall. The only problem is that the battery life isn't great (lasting three to seven hours) and will need to be recharged.

Watch the video to see how your table could become a fun and convenient dream come true!


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