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Majority of the cyclists out there own more than one bike, and they often use a power meter. The catch is that the power meters are typically attached to the bicycle's crank arm, making it cumbersome to use one device for multiple bikes. A spin-off company in Zurich, Magnes Spots has developed a workaround, in the form of a power meter that is built into the shoe cleat!

It is known as the STYX Powermeter and the waterproof device mounts on any type of shoe with the standard three holes in the bottom, and is being made in versions that are compatible with either Shimano SPD-SL or Look Kéo clipless pedals. 

The setup consists of two power meters – one for each foot – so readings are obtained by both of the cyclist's legs. Data such as total power output left and right power balance, cadence, torque efficiency and pedal smoothness are wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ to a third-party cycling computer or smartphone.

The advantage of such a system is the fact that as long as the cyclist wears the same shoes, they can use the technology on any of their bikes.  You can see the STYX Powermeter in use in the video below and the planned retail price is $1,249! 

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