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Modern prosthetic eyes are far removed from the old misconceptions about 'glass eyes', combining modern materials, craftsmanship and artistry in an entirely unique way.  The Super Deluxe series Stoned Mode went behind the scenes with ocularist Eric Lindsey of Prosthetic Artists, Inc. to find out his mesmerizing process for making prosthetic eyes. One prosthetic eye is typically completed in 3-4 visits. The first visit consists of a consultation with your ocularist, followed by the evaluation of your particular needs. 

An impression is taken of your eye socket to determine the size and shape of your final prosthetic. The impression is either done with dental grade silicone or dental grade alginate. During the appointment in the video, Eric Lindsey modified the shape of the model to achieve comfort, optimal movement and provide eyelid positions. In the final visit, they determined the direction of gaze, iris size and pupil size. 

The prosthetic eye features a hand-painted iris, pupil, sclera and blood vessels to match your companion eye and when the painting is done a layer of clear acrylic is cured over the front surface to give it a natural shiny appearance and depth. In this video, you will see the entire process of how a single prosthetic eye is made.


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