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YouTuber, Hugo Doris, could have 3D printed a slick shell for his micro Super Nintendo but, sometimes when making a one-of-a-kind object, it is best to do it handcrafted.
Using just a Rasberry Pi Zero, a USB hub and clay, Doris (pseudonym: lyberty5) has meticulously assembled together with an emulator for the SNES that rivals Nintendo's micro-NES for cuteness.

Hugo Doris walks viewers through the process in which he carefully carves his own gadget that is surprisingly fully functional. In all fairness, you might not be able to play Pokémon Go on it like you will be able to on the new Apple watch, but they certainly do share the same scale. After a lot of DIY with pliers, glue and tiny screws, the tiny device is shown connected to a system and being put to full use. Doris actually took the time to handcraft the mini console when anyone could have easily download an alternative in seconds, but credit is certainly due for a unique project.

Doris' dainty SNES is even smaller than one of the original system's controllers. You can watch how he put the tiny console together and some of the gameplay in the video below.


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