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It may seem like some kind of magic, but this unspillable cup – or should we rather say mug – known as "The Mighty Mug" CANNOT spill any liquids.

Let's be honest, no cup is entirely 'unspillable' but just consider this scenario for a second... Think about how this could change your life: you're at the office, writing a seriously important report for your jackass boss that made you work late. You've got some coffee by your side to make sure you don't fall asleep. And then... you knock it over. Right on the laptop.

Laptop – f**ked. Job – f**ked. You? F**king fired. Well, this unspillable cup makes sure this can never happen! Basically, it will make your days of feeling nervous around beverages long gone. The idea of the cup is that it is not easily knocked over, of course, you can tip about anything over if you try hard enough. Slap it hard enough and it will go, put it on a very uneven surface and it will go, tip it over and guess what... YOU SPILLED! But really, how does the might unspillable cup actually work?

It seems the key component of this cup is some type of magic, the suction cup on the bottom lies in the Mighty Mug’s SmartGrip Technology, which allows it to firmly adhere to any smooth surface. Even though it is the closest thing you will get to an unspillable cup, if someone knocks the cup and the rubber bottom moves up a tiny bit, the interior air pressure will slightly decrease to a value smaller than the atmospheric pressure. This atmospheric pressure on the top results in a force that can keep the cup sucked onto the table top. Even more amazing: despite the powerful grip, the cup easily lifts off the table when you pick it up to have a sip (which, after all, is the point of a cup, duh!).

How Do Unspillable Cups Work?

Suction cups do not actually 'suck' at all. The Unspillable Cup, which has the suction cup underneath it gives it the balance it needs. You can imagine it as a bunch of tiny balls bouncing around. These tiny balls are moving around, and as they travel, some of them collide with a surface.

These tiny balls change momentum when they collide, and it exerts a small force on the area. The bigger the area, the more collisions and the greater the balance is for the unspillable cup. So with the mighty cup, there is a net downward force on the suction of the unspillable cup, because there is less air underneath the cup (as well as less pressure) than there is above the cup. Which means that the unspillable cup work if there is no air.

Unbox Therapy has tested the Mighty Mug, a cup that claims to be impossible to tip over. Judging from their YouTube video, the unspillable cup passed with flying colours.

The video shows Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger filling the Mighty Mug with soda and giving it increasingly strong pokes. Even when deliberately slapped, the cup stays upright, much to Hilsenteger’s amazement.

Let's all rediscover the pleasure of drinking juice while surfing the Web and watch the video to see how this unspillable cup is easily picked up, but impossible to knock over!

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