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The Revolve wheel is an airless, foldable alternative that is puncture-proof and compatible with most bicycles and wheelchairs. The German designer, Andrea Mocellin, created the wheel with his modern take on old wheel design. Influenced by this, he designed the growing trend of a foldable wheel that was inspired by foldable vehicles; which are often limited due to the size of their wheels.

As most manufacturers use 16 to 20-inch wheels for their regular bikes, the Revolve wheel offers a solution for folding bicycles that have had to use smaller wheels to be able to fold to a small enough size for carrying. Mocellin's wheel provides full-size 26-inch wheels that can fold to less than one-third of their height.

It is a unique hexagonal structure that folds down to a sculptural pod, allowing for effortless pack up with an aesthetic reminiscent of a sleek loudspeaker. The Revolve is designed to be the first modular wheel that can be taken easily on the road.

You can see the Revolve wheel in action by watching the video below and listen to the story by the designer himself.

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