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The latest trend for most start-up companies is to find a way to make sure their products are environmentally friendly and also to try and keep it unique and original. The Amborello Organics company is a good example of this. Thier intentions are to let their customers eat organic lollipops. With hints of roses, sage, rosemary, lemongrass, thyme, hibiscus and marigold. 

After you finish your treat, you should plant their biodegradable stick; which is made from recycled paper in soil to simultaneously decompose and grow. The seeds inside the lollipop stick correspond to the herb or flower inside the candy, from foraged flowers and herbs that shape the logo of The Amborello Organics company to the turmeric and carrot natural dyes they use in their lollipops. 

The Amborella Organics company is a sustainable and eco-conscious company that combines delicious treats alongside nature's beauty and sentiment to find joy in life and define ways of what a seed-bearing lollipop is all about! 

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