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Date: 2018-03-06

Video: This Jacket Responds To The Changing Temperature 2

Video: This Jacket Responds To The Changing Temperature 3

Video: This Jacket Responds To The Changing Temperature 4

This smart jacket was found by three MIT students who started the Boston-based start-up Ministry of Supply, they've called it the Mercury Jacket.

It is a self-heating smart jacket that responds to changes in temperature and is the first electronic garment by the company that promises to create a personalised 'Micro-Climate' for its wearer.

At the core of the Mercury Jacket are three carbon fibre heating elements that warm the garment through a process called resistive heating, and delivers 10 watts of heating power, reaching up to 57ºC, which is the same temperature as a cup of coffee.

Ministry of Supply designed the jacket to use an internal and external thermometer and an accelerometer that measures temperature and movement. A microcontroller then processes the temperature and motion signals, before choosing how much power to send to the pads. The jacket takes around 90 seconds to warm up.

There is a corresponding app that allows wearers to input their preferences so artificial intelligence can work out and predict what will suit wearers over time. Wearers can also use Amazon's smart assistant, Alexa, to allow users to preheat the jacket before putting it on.

The jacket also boasts wireless charging in its left pocket, which also happens to be a hand warmer, along with its right-hand counterpart. Mercury is made from waterproof fabric and has a removable hood.

The Ministry of Supply launched itself via Kickstarter five years ago and the company plans on shipping the jacket by autumn this year. It is priced at $295 dollars but is also available in a gilet version.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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