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Geely - the Chinese company who owns Volvo, has agreed to acquire the startup behind the world's most promising flying car. Known for the impressive plane/car hybrid, "Transportation", Terrafugia is the company that comes the closest to making flying cars a reality. Thanks to Geely, now it looks like we could soon be seeing winged Volvos soaring the skies over the freeways. 

While there are other companies out there experimenting with the futuristic hybrid vehicle, Terrafugia is arguably the first to make a truly convincing prototype. Offering a far more sleek and polished vehicle than any of the competitors. The Transition uses advanced autonomous flight tech in order to stop its pilots from crashing, the hybrid car is also one of the few vehicles to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, allowing transforming cars to be certified as a Light Sports Aircraft. 

With AI that can read minds, increasingly convincing virtual reality and flying cars all within our reach the science fiction of the 90s is starting to look a lot like a reality. 

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