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WARNING: Before you attempt this, you have to know that the person who made this video only tried it with one LCD monitor, it may not work with all LCD monitors.

YouTube channel, Brussup, recommends that you do this project with a monitor that you do not care about losing. The results are amazing, and if you are going to try and make your own, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First of all, you obviously need a monitor that is cheap and you do not worry about. Once you remove the polarized layer, you've pretty much made the monitor useless for normal use. If you are good with repairs and that sort of things, you would surely be able to buy a replacement filter to fix the monitor. So, basically, just make just make sure you are ok with modifying whatever monitor you’ve chosen to use for this project. 

The video below shows you how to make your very own secret LCD monitor. Most of these types of monitors have an antiglare layer “attached” to the polarized layer and both of those layers are glued to the hard surface of the LCD – so you may see these extra layers as you are removing them. Next, you want to grab some glasses. In the video, Brussup used a pair of the 3D glasses you get at the cinema; you can open these glasses up and remove the “lenses”.

Before you cut the shape, make sure to note the proper angle of the polarized sheet with the monitor. In the video, they had to turn the sheet 45 degrees to get the correct angle. And then you’re ready for action. If you hook your monitor up to a computer and put on your glasses you should be able to see the screen just as normal. Anyone standing behind you will only be able to see a blank monitor.

Enjoy, and watch the whole process in action, below!

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