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Euclideon, who is an Australian company, has built a working prototype of what it calls the world's first multi-user hologram table. Up to four people can walk around a holographic image and interact with it wearing only a small set of glasses. 

The idea behind the hologram table has been a staple of sci-fi for decades. Hologram tables have popped up here and there, but never really took on a trend, mainly because in the past, it just hasn't worked like people wanted it to. 

Holograms are a computer-generated stereo image, much like the kind of image you see when you watch a 3D movie. But if you've got a group of people standing around a table, looking at the same image, they'll all see the same perspective on it, and the image won't change as they move around. It breaks the illusion.


That is where Euclideon comes, they are taking on a new perspective for holograms, they want to create eight perspectives illusion. The Australian company believes it's cracked the code and designed the world's first true multi-user hologram table that's ready for prime time. The holographic display could render gigantic virtual space in minute detail, allowing the viewer to move through the 3D environment using low-end computers and no special graphic cards. 

The holographic table can give up to four users a time the experience of looking at a hologram that they can walk around and interact with, without the need for bulky augmented reality headgear. 

The users simply have to put on a pair of motion-trackable sunglasses – very similar to a pair of 3D glasses - and when you wear the glasses the table is able to track the position of the direction your eyes are looking in. This allows the hologram table to build a custom image for the direction you are looking in. 

It's difficult to show a video of a hologram in action, but you can see roughly what it will look like in the video below, which Euclideon made by motion-tracking a moving video camera, then generate a corresponding hologram image and edit them together. 

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