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Reebok has embarked on a new initiative to create imaginative fitness prototypes, using its patented Flexweave technology. The footwear giant teamed up with industrial designer, Joe Doucet, to develop a custom collection of fitness prototypes.

What makes Flexweave appealing it its open figure-8 construction, which bonds unlimited fibre strands to create a single service construction that is durable and lightweight.

New York-based Joe Doucet x Partners developed a pair of Reebok Flexweave running gloves that are lightweight for maximum comfort, absorb sweat during exercise activity and conform to the wearer's hand. What is more, the prototype can be upgraded to include a new GPS feature that would use flashing LED lights to guide wearers to their destination.

“My inspiration was to capture the unique qualities of the Flexweave technology through something advantageous to an active lifestyle,” Doucet noted. “The strength, flexibility and multi-surface durability of Flexweave led me to the idea of a ‘smart’ running glove with a sleek, stylish silhouette. With the form crafted by Flexweave, the next stage of development would be GPS integration paving the way to a new frontier in wearable technology.”

The "GPS-enabled Wayfinder" – described by Doucet – includes a Bluetooth receiver, these technologies, along with the LED lights, are connected to an app, runners are able to receive easily visible and haptic feedback on which route they should take in order to reach the destination.

Reebok also collaborated with other leading designers on the design of a chair and a high-altitude training mask.
You can see more about the other designers here, but in the meantime be sure to have a look at the Reebok Flexweave running gloves in the video below.

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