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Date: 2018-02-25

Video: You Can Now Surf Without Waves 2

Video: You Can Now Surf Without Waves 3

The Radinn's G2X jetboard is an electric surfboard letting riders get the sensation of taking on the waves without one crucial part – the waves.

The Swedish company's motorised board reaches speeds of up to 58km/h in almost complete silence. Featuring a fluid dynamic design, the surfboard does not dissimilar to your average boogie board in looks, but in tech? The G2X comes with a waterproof remote which allows users to control the speed, displays battery status, and vibrates when it is time to head back to the shore for a charge.

Radinn's vision is to push the boundaries of extreme sports through radical innovation. The board is available via their website and is priced at a little over $12 000, including the power pack and standard charger. The carbon and kevlar board also has a mobile app, built-in GPS and magnetic safety switches. One charge of the battery should reportedly be good for 45 to 60 minutes of use at mixed speeds, or 20 to 30 when going full-out.

You can see the Radinn being put through its paces, in the video below.

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