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Forgot your wallet at home? No problem! Products such as Quixster and Payallup allow you to pay with the wave of your hand using palm vein recognition.

The system uses infrared technology to scan the pattern of veins in your hand, unique to each person, that is connected to your bank account (much like your ID number) and will deduct the price of your lunch from your account after your palm has been scanned.

It is currently one of the most advanced forms of biometric identification that prevents credit card fraud or identity fraud. Palm vein recognition is making huge advances in moving the world towards cashless payment. How does this differ from fingerprint recognition? It relies on the biological information that leaves no trace to be copied or collected like a fingerprint. If you are a crime/action movie addict, you would know the scene all too well in which the criminal cuts off the person's finger to use on the scanner. However, this plan is now foiled as the palm vein scanner uses the pattern of your veins as identification but when blood stops pumping to a body part, the shape of the veins and vessels begin to change because of the low blood pressure. The scanner also requires the detection of blood flow through the limb before identification.

The possibilities are endless in terms of banking, access cards, shopping and offering a generally safer option. Perhaps a bit creepy, but this is hands down the most accurate form of identification.

Take a look at the video below to see how effectively it's been implemented as access to a football stadium and more.

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