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Date: 2018-08-13

Want To Know How Wormholes Work? 2

Want To Know How Wormholes Work? 3

The mini-documentary and animation channel, Kurzgesagt, has released a new episode on wormholes and explains their complexity in just under 10 minutes.

As you would expect the 'folded paper' explanation is used; the theory of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Usually, this indicates two points at opposite ends of the sheet, then fold the sheet so that the points touch, but it is all presented in Kurzgesagt's usual high-quality animations.

On top of that, this video seems to have a definite 80’s look to it. From the familiar drenched neon grids to a DeLorean popping up, it’s a welcome bit of aesthetic.

The end of the video also brings some good news, not about wormholes being something tangible yet, but about Kurzgesagt itself. The channel has teamed up with Brilliant not just for a sponsorship, but also to produce a six-part video series about science and space.

Brilliant is a learning platform that has sponsored many similar channels on YouTube. While we can’t say we’ve tried it ourselves, we’re happy to see one of our favourite channels thriving, so check them out if you want to indirectly support content creators like this.

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