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Windows Vista is considered one of the worst Microsoft operating systems ever, but was it actually that bad?

In the mid-2000s, Microsoft was at the top the industry in terms of operating systems, but its latest at the time was Windows XP, which initially launched in 2001. Computers at the time needed something new, though, not only with features and specs to handle more powerful hardware but also with system security and a more modern user interface.

So Microsoft went to work on what would soon become their most ambitious upgrade, Windows Vista.

In 2007, Microsoft launched Windows Vista which featured a drastic new look with cascading programs and translucent effect windows.

The look and feel of the new Microsoft operating system was simply breathtaking, and was initially well received in terms of its straightforward usability. But, soon, Microsoft realised they made a huge mistake, although one that would push Microsoft and other operating systems in the right way forward.

Microsoft built Windows Vista on the principle that it would still be relevant in years to come. Soon after its release, users realised that the system was too powerful for the hardware that most consumers had at the time, which resulted in excessive system crashes during relatively basic multitasking operations. Furthermore, Microsoft landed themselves in court over an advertising campaign which misled consumers to believe that new computers sold were able to handle Vista but inevitably didn't.

Over the next three years, six new releases of Vista were released which would handle the CPU more easily each time but didn't necessarily regain consumers trust. So Microsoft went to the drawing board and, thankfully, released a whole new operating system which solved many of the issues users experienced with Vista. It was called Windows 7, and is still today considered one of the best-operating systems ever.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, on Was Windows Vista Actually That Bad?

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