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This might be the most controversial question ever put forward in the world of theoretical astrophysics, yet a rather innocent one at that.

In our way of thinking – or more formally, the way our brains evolved to conscientiously perceive – we have tremendous trouble grasping specific concepts of science.

One of the greatest debated topics of all time was what happened before the big bang but, as it stands, that exact question might not even make sense.

Latest discoveries and predictions state that the moment of the big bang might be the point in time where time itself began. Theoretical physicist Brian Greene used an example that makes the concept far easier to understand: "Imagine if you wanted to head north, you then asked someone to point you in the direction of north and you start walking. Then, you meet someone else and ask them to point you in the direction of north and you carry on in the northerly direction until you meet someone who is at the north pole. If you ask them to point you in the direction of north, they will say that question doesn't mean anything as this point is the definition of north."

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Science Time, on Brian Greene - What Was There Before The Big Bang?

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