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Although not half as famous as the Titanic, the smaller sister ship, the Olympic was the first out of 3 sister ships and the first out of the olympic class liners.

The Olympic had a far grander launch as it was the biggest ship in all history, and the grandest as well. However, the second sister ship, Titanic, rose to fame due to her fate on her maiden voyage.

But what happened to the Olympic?

The Olympic was nicknamed "Oly Reliable" and consistently carried passengers from the United Kingdom to New York, America. But it also suffered a few hiccups along the way, the most well-known one was her collision with the warship, HMS Hawke, who got pulled in towards the stern due to the ship's pull. However, Olympic was patched up and was set to sail for a few more years. Then World War 1 hit and the RMS Olympic was assigned into military service to carry wounded passengers home from battle and she received camouflage colours and patterns.

However, unlike her two sisters, RMS Olympic returned to service and was retired and scrapped in 1935.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Oceanliner Designs & Illustration on What Happened To Olympic After The Titanic Sank?

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