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We join Destin from Smarter Every Day as he boards a US Navy nuclear submarine in the Arctic.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be on a nuclear submarine, then this video is going to make your day. YouTuber, Destin from Smarter Every Day, had the exclusive opportunity to climb aboard the USS Toledo, a US Navy fast-attack nuclear submarine, during an exercise for ICEX 2020. We've covered the previous episode already, so if you want to find out about what ICEX 2020 is, then click here.

Now, this is not something a civilian is usually allowed to do. But thanks to the US Navy Public Affairs Officers, Destin got the opportunity of a lifetime.

In this video, as part of a series where he is going to showcase various areas of the sub, he gives us an overview of the Command Structure. This includes a tour of the accessible parts of the sub as they take a deep dive under the Arctic ice.

Destin interviews many of the 140 crew members, including the Captain, also known as the Commanding Officer, his Executive Officer and the Chief Of The Boat. It's an illuminating video that showcases some of the best sailors the US Navy has.

The guys onboard are, as one commenter respectfully described them, tough nerds. These guys are smart, confident and professional, which is a necessity when you're submerged for months at a time.

We join Destin on a chopper about to land on the ice next to the semi-submerged submarine. Which, in itself, is a sight to behold. From then on, the interactions he has with the crew are absolutely absorbing. And, I'll bet, for the next half an hour, you'll be mesmerized too, so go on, click play and enjoy the show.

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