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What would have been the outcome of the world's most famous ship, the Titanic, if it never sank?

The sinking of the Titanic on April 14, 1912, is still considered the most tragic maritime disaster ever. It has been highly popularised in modern culture and never fails to grab people's attention.

Well, as tragic as the event was, with over 1,400 lives lost, the sinking of the Titanic would go on to change and improve the safety standard of ocean liners forever.

But, would the Titanic still be as famous? Well, actually no, not at all. The Titanic was definitely the biggest ship ever built for its time, as the White Star Line took a different approach to its competitor, Cunard. Cunard was attracting customers by their ship's speed and White Star Line would build larger and far more luxurious ships.

Prior to the Titanic, her older sister ship, the Olympic, was the first launched in the three Olympic class, and was the one that got all the press and popularity. The Titanic, on the other hand, was the runner up. Two years after the sinking of the Titanic, the third and final Olympic class sister ship, the Gigantic, was launched. Soon, though, she had her name changed to the Britannic as "Gigantic" seemed vulgar after the Titanic's disaster.

The Britannic was the largest out of the three ships, but sank on November the 21st, 1916, after hitting a mine while in service as a hospital ship during WWI. The Olympic was also commissioned for service during WWI, to bring American soldiers back home from Europe.

The Olympic was the only sister ship that never had a tragic fate. It retired after 24 years of service and was scrapped in 1935, regardless of its nostalgic connection to the Titanic. The only part of the Olympic that remains are a few suit decor artefacts and a large portion of the grand staircase, which now resides at the White Horse Hotel in Northumberland, England.

If the Titanic never hit the iceberg and made it safely to New York on its maiden voyage, it would be unlikely that any of us will have even heard of the ship. It too would have probably served in WWI, and either have been destroyed or eventually scrapped after it's use around the same time as the Olympic.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Life's Biggest Questions, on What If The Titanic Never Sank.

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