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In science, there are many different scales and units of measurement, all designed to help with the greater understanding of our natural world. But there are some less common terms that you perhaps have never heard of before.

One such term is Albedo. It is used to describe the amount of reflectance any object might have. The Albedo measurement ranges from 0 - 1, which seems quite simple. However, it is usually described by means of a percentage. For example, if a subject reflects half of the light that strikes it, it has an Albedo of 0.5, or 50%, depending on your preference.

Some common Albedo examples include:

  • Green Grass – Typical Albedo: 0.25
  • Desert Sand – Typical Albedo: 0.40
  • New Concrete – Typical Albedo: 0.55
  • Ocean Ice – Typical Albedo: 0.70
  • Fresh Asphalt – Typical Albedo: 0.04
  • Deep Ocean Surface – Typical Albedo: 0.06
  • Bare Soil – Typical Albedo: 0.17
  • Fresh Snow – Typical Albedo: 0.80
  • Worn Asphalt – Typical Albedo: 0.12

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Star Talk, on Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Albedo...

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