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The "U" in USB stands for universal. But, if that's true, then why are there so many variants? And the most unpopular version is USB Type B.

USB in general is a rather special type of cable in the sense that both ends are never the same, even on standard USB cables there is a male end and a female end. The reason for this comes down to a term called phantom power. Phantom power refers to a cable that carries electricity over the same cable that carries data flow as well.

So, unlike cables such as HDMI and RCA cables, which ends are identical and can be swapped around with no consequence, USB cables, regardless of the type, have to always be inserted in a specific way to prevent electrical faults.

USB Type B is a popular USB connector amongst printers, some audio equipment and monitors, but does stand out from the rest of the USB lineup in the sense that the cable is not used to power the device. Rather, they simply carry data to and from the device. This is not the case with USB Type micro B, though, those are the USB cables used to charge charging banks and some pre-Type-C smartphones. The smaller micro-B connector also features phantom power.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on Why This Weird USB Connector Exists (Type B).

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