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The two main features that everyone looks for when investing in a new storage device, whether it's an SSD drive, flash drive, SD card or Micro SD card, is capacity and writing speed.

But, in more modern times, micro SD cards have proven to be more popular than ever. These are especially important for tech devices such as cameras, drones, smartphones and even DIY home solutions such as Raspberry Pi units and chips.

But the biggest issue with micro SD is not necessarily the capacity, as you can get them with massive storage ratings, it's more of a question of reading and writing speeds.

Samsung has tackled this head-on with the introduction of UFS cards. Micro SD cards writing speed hover at less than 100 MBPS, whereas UFS cards have a write speed of up to 530 MBPS – which is not too far off than most highly rated internal solid-state hard drives.

UFS cards have also been purposely designed to be as stable as possible. This will allow users to run programs and not just data off these storage cards, which will drastically improve battery consumption on mobile devices.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on What Is Universal Flash Storage? UFS...

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