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If you're a photographer that is exploring the world of video or just love filmmaking, then you would have probably stumbled on what they call cinema lenses or "cine lenses" for short, but what makes them so special and preferred over standard photographic lenses?

There is no doubt that standard higher-end photographic lenses are very capable and substantial and by far good enough to deliver a fantastic focal length, sharpness and overall result. But the problem lies with ergonomics in the sense that photographic lenses are designed to be handheld and quick to use to get your shot ready for a photo, however, when you are shooting video there are many other factors at play such as focus and zoom ring locking where when you have maximumly zoomed and sometimes focussed the rings would reach an endpoint which is perfect for photography but in video, the limitation effects will be seen in the final result.

In cinema lenses, the focus and zoom rings are first of all ultra-smooth and never abruptly stop. Cinema lenses also have a continuous and smooth aperture ring which allow the user to gradually control exposure manually.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Potato Jet on What Makes Cinema Lenses So Special...

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