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If you're fascinated with looking up at the stars in the night sky or were a daydreamer in science class, then it is likely that you've imagined all the planets in the solar system to at some point be perfectly aligned with each other...

In fictional stories and movies such as the original Tomb Raider film, strange and supernatural events occur during such a planetary alignment, but has it ever happened before or will it happen in the future?

What might come across as obvious but not often thought about is the fact that each planet orbits the sun on its own plane, only in demonstrations do we see them all on the same plane just at different distances. But in reality, a full planetary alignment is nearly impossible.

The closest we'll get to an alignment will be on May the 6th, 2492 where 5 planets will be in a similar part of the night sky which indicates a partial alignment, but in reality, it won't be as aligned as you might think it to be.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: The Secrets Of The Universe on The Day When All The Planets Will Align In This Century...

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