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Have you ever wondered why the bottom of ships are painted red?

The bottom of most ships are always painted red in colour, and a very specific shade of red to be exact. It's most definitely not because of aesthetics, there is actually a very good reason for this.

Back in the day, when ships were wind propelled, they suffered a serious flaw. Over time, barnacles, worms and seaweed used to collect and build upon the ships hull. This would cause the ship to increase in weight, causing damage to the wooden hull and increasing the ships drag, making it less efficient.

When newer technology allowed for ships to be made out of metal rather than wood, many assumed that this would solve this issue. But, to their surprise, it didn't!

Something had to be done. Engineers then figured out that painting the bottom of the ship with copper-infused paint would solve this issue entirely. Due to the copper compound, the paint appeared red in colour and was used for decades to line the bottom of ships.

In more modern times, the exact same process is used, however, it does not necessarily have to be red in colour thanks to advances in paint technology.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Casual Navigation, on Why Are Ships Painted Red At The Bottom?

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